www.hondaairshock.com   New! Brand new, high quality Viton replacement Pro-Link air shock seals!

Now available, freshly manufacturered, straight from the mold, new Honda Pro-Link air shock seals. Exclusive to hondaairshock.com. Not available from Honda.

These are not repurposed rotational shafts seals but carefully designed proper thrust shaft type, Viton rubber/steel frame, triple-lip seals identical to the original, designed from the blueprint upward for this particular shock. You will find these 68mm seals nowhere else.

Fitment: 1981-1982 Honda CBX, Honda GL500 Silverwing (NOT GL650), and Honda VF1100S Sabre.

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Image: Honda CBX on the left, Honda GL500 Silverwing on the right.

Special tools and procedures are required to replace this seal, so be sure and get a look at the resources offered on this website.

Remember also that The Motorcycle Project would be happy to replace this seal for you. Contact me for more information.